BizSAFE is a five-step programme to assist companies to build up their Workplace Safety and Health capabilities in order to achieve  
significant improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace (WSH). Under the program, Companies are guided  
through a journey, starting with top management demonstrating their commitment towards WSH, to acquiring risk management  
capabilities and implementing a Workplace Safety and Health Management System. In the process, participating companies gain  
recognition and benefits of having a comprehensive WSH system in place.

With the certification, Ho Hong Engineering Works is one step closer to compliant with the requirements in the WSH Act, which  
came into effect since year 2006. It is our long-term objective of providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees,  
associates and business partners. We will continue to work towards improving and refining our WSH Management System to  
prevent mishaps no matter how minor they might be.