We are able to machine components in a wide range of materials including stainless  
steel, inconel, monel, titanium, aluminium, copper, brass/bronze, delrin, teflon,  
fiber, etc,  from prototype work up to batches of thousands and above.

Our continual investment in the latest technology ensures that we are able to supply  
parts to the highest quality whilst remaining competitive.

Turning Capacity

CNC Lathe - 3 Units

Ø 450mm (X) x 1000mm (Z)
Ø 300mm (X) x 600mm (Z)
Ø 200mm (X) x 600mm (Z)

NC Lathe

Conventional Lathe - 4 Units

Ø 125mm (X) x 500mm (Z)
Ø 560mm (X) x 1500mm (Z)
Ø 850 mm (X) x 1200mm (Z)
Ø 460 mm (X) x 1000mm (Z)