CNC Milling has been a core engineering service from Ho Hong Engineering,  
specialists in Precision Engineering, for almost 24 years. Serving a wide range of  
Industries, including Aerospace, Food Manufacturing, Marine and Pharmaceutical, if  
you require quality components, on time and at the right price, Ho Hong  
Engineering can help.

Whether your design requirement is complex or simple, small or large, Ho Hong  
Engineering’s skilled CNC Milling machinists are able to produce the same quality,  
consistency and accuracy time and time again.

Other than the quality of our equipment and the experience of our machinists, our  
attention to your needs and  focus on the details of design and setup, will provide  
the complete solution that meets all of your business requirements.

Milling Capacity - 3 Units

1500mm (X) x 510mm (Y) x 510mm (Z)
1000mm (X) x 610mm (Y) x 610mm (Z)
1000mm (X) x 635mm (Y) x 635mm (Z)

Conventional Milling

Conventional - 2 Units
800mm (X) x 400mm (Y) x 400mm (Z)