Manufacturing Quality Control Practices

Ho Hong Engineering Works prides itself on superior quality practices. Our quality control department works tirelessly to monitor all  
facets of production. Our ISO 9001:2008 registered quality assurances are routinely supplemented by in-house training and  
consultation to ensure every employee is familiar with quality control. From the inspection of raw materials to final treatment,  
every product we produce goes through extensive quality checks.

Our goal is to ensure that every item leaving our facility meets high standards of not just enduring quality, but lasting durability  
and performance through the years. Although our facilities are filled with experts in the field of CNC milling and turning, we are  
always looking for new ways to improve our techniques and hone our skills to provide you with the best quality components.

To achieve the most efficient quality system, we train our inspection and quality assurance team to think like the customer. During  
every step of production, they are active in ensuring the implementation of our quality control process. If our production line can  
satisfy their high standards, we know you’ll be pleased with the end result.